Hi! I grabbed a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier head a few months back and am wanting to replace the tubes to see what sort of quality increases I can get in the way of tone. This is my first tube amp so I'm a bit lost when it comes to the technology. Do any of you guys with more knowledge happen to have any suggestions you can shoot my way in regards to tubes? I checked out a few of the comprehensive tube guides on this forum, but none really answered my questions so I'm starting my own thread

I'm looking for a tone that, when distorted, is clear and crisp. I tend to like alot of highs in my sound, with a clear crunchy tone to back it up a bit. If I had to give a comparison, I'd say All That Remains/The Haunted have a good similarity to what I'm looking for. Just interested in clear highs (when distorted), with a good amount of crunch capability to back it up.

As far as clean tone, which I don't use nearly as often, I tend to like warmth and a sense of "flow" in between notes.

I know alot of this can be affected and created through effects, but I'd like the amp to have a solid foundation that the effects don't have to make up for.

Any ideas would be <b>greatly</b> appreciated! Thanks much