Hello everybody! We are The Hicks of Deviation, an expermintal duo with a sense of humor from Toms River, New Jersey. We recently changed our name from "The Hicks" due to some legal issues. If you are a fan of experimental music (such as Captain Beefheart's "Trout Mask Replica"), then you will certainly enjoy our material. Please leave us some honest feedback. We are also very willing and excited to put on a concert or perhaps open up for a band in our area as well. Please give us some constructive criticism and enjoy!
Here is our myspace page:

Thank you very much,
- The Hicks of Deviation
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That description sounds like my band.

And it's just as jibber-jabber as my band too!

I'd say given a few years of practice and experimentation you guys'll develop a very unique niche for yourselves.

Of course the playing isn't the greatest I've ever heard, but you've got potential.

I do believe you should get some kind of percussion going however. It sounds very loose and untied, and not in a good way. If you don't want to add another member I'd look into a sequencer or something of the like with which you can program beats. It would sound so much better with something to keep the beat, you know?
Yes, we also agree with you that we eventually need some more percussion in our music. The only thing is that it can sometimes be difficult to find a drummer around where we live but I am sure we will definately find something or someone to fill that void.

PS - Thank you for the feedback.
This music made me laugh.

In a good way. I quite enjoyed it - it made no sense at all to me at first. However, no one I know would really want to listen to this. I thought it was pretty funny and quite strange...but everyone I know would hear this and think it was garbage (which is a shame).
Yes, it does not suprise us that many other people would enjoy it. However, we are very pleased that you have enjoyed it. Humor and strangeness are our two main goals and glad that you understood that. Thanks for the feedback!