I went to the MF clearance center here in town in search of a bass (I am beginning bass but currently play guitar). They had a Fender Deluze P-bass (j bass neck) for $360. The bass plays great and sounds great although the damage that is done to it is on the last tone knob. The knob is broken off completely and would probably be $25 to fix. Is this bass worth the price. It sure looks nice and plays nicer than the squier that I currently borrow froma friend.

Alvarez FD-60 acoustic electric- $295 obo (perfect condition, amber finish)
Lindy Fralin Blues Special Strat pickups (as set, perfect condition) - $175 obo

PM me if you are interested!
someone correct me if im wrong but isnt a deluxe usually around 600$? if so it seems like a really good deal, all you have to do is get that knob fixed. my yamaha bass i got used has horrible knobs, but ive been to lazy to get them changed