I'm an idiot. But since none of you know who I am I will make myself look even stupider!!!!!! Break out the cameras kiddies. You NEED to read this entire post to understand fully

Many months ago I deconstructed my Jackson of parts thinking I would use them in a build. That build ended up 5 feet into a black womans ass. So now I've put my kelly back together. I'm an utter moran and can't remember the way the electronics went. Here's the low down. 2 Duncan Designed humbuckers, 1 Master volumes, 1 three way pickup selector, and obviously the output jack. I've got the ground where it needs to be, a black wire that has 2 wires in it.. one of those is bare and is soldered to the top of the pot, and a white wire that is soldered to the left lug. THE OTHER END OF THIS WIRE is running to the pup selector, where the white wire is soldered to the bottom middle lug. (Extremely confusing I know) and the bare wire was never soldered to anything so that isn't an issue. There is another black wire running from the pot to the OUTPUT JACK. This wire consists of two wires which are also white and bare. The bare is soldered to the top of the pot and the white wire is soldered to the middle lug. The right lug is bent up and soldered to the top of the pot. Ok that is everything that is done already and is correct.

Now this is where I need your help, the pups. 4 wires out of each pup, black green red white. Red and white need to be soldered together so we only need to worry about the green and black. Where do these go???

Important This guitar is from the mid 90's, the style of switch it has is set up like this.

. .
. . .

Three lugs on the bottom two on the top. I know I'm extremely stupid and this is idiots stuff but I really need help. Also, I tryed looking at seymour duncan diagrams but i'm not sure if they correspond with these.

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try jackson, they should have diagrams
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