Fellow acid pro owners i need some help...i wanna get a better sound from the recorded tracks i have but im not sure where to go after basic eq...can anyone share with me some of the things they do to their recorded tracks in this program in order to achieve a better sound....we got a great basic sound but i know there is always ways to make it better an i am not an expert on using this program...and please be specific on settings if u describe using compression or gating...i would appreciate any and all help...thank you
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YES! I think I can help. I use Acidpro4 to record everything I do. You say you don't know what to do after basic EQ stuff, but depending on the "plugins" available and your version of Acid, there are multiple effects you can add to each track. Lets start with "envelopes." Say you have a track ready for effects, click on it and then open the "insert" tab on the toolbar. Mouse over "envelopes" and you'll see two choices, volume and pan. A volume envelope allows you to change the volume of the track throughout its length, for example fadeing in and fadeing out. When you click to insert the envelope a blue line appears on the track. Double click the line in more than one place to make points, then drag the points up or down to manipulate volume. A pan envelope fades the track between two speakers.
In case you already knew about envelopes, here's the really important stuff. Like I said before, Acid allows you to put multiple effects and equilizers on a track by using a "chain". Click on your track and then click on the green "chain" icon next to the track name that should say "track fx." A window with the heading "Audio plugin" should appear. Now at the top of the window find a grey icon that says "edit chain" and click it. A new window displays all the available fx you can choose. If you want to get a better sound I recommend the "parametric" or "paragraphic" EQs. Pick one and then click Add on the right side of the window. Add just assigns the effect, now click OK. You will see the effect window with bars to manipulate it. Play around with these while your track is playing to experiment. It is also important to see the effect chain in the middle of the window which starts with "track EQ" and then the effect you just chose. Uncheck the box to turn it on/off, right click to remove it, and to add another effect repeat the method I just explained. I hope that helps! good luck