I've just bought a SG style body, and obviously need to buy a neck for it. I've been particularly interested in a Strat style neck.

However the neck pocket on my SG is 30mm (1 3/16") and the standard neck heel depth of a fender neck is 25mm.

So I have a couple of choices:-

- Build my own strat style neck with a 30mm heel depth.
- Pack the neck between the heel and the pocket? (Is this even possible? Can anyone recommend doing this?)
- Miraculously find a custom built strat style neck with a 30mm depth for sale.
- Bite the bullet and get a gibson neck.
Neck Shims come to mind first, but no clue if that would work.

And to be honest, that may look just a tad weird. I've never seen an SG with a 6 in line headstock.
Your guitar though, if you sort it out, pictures!
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Scale length may be an issue, if the body is 24 3/4" scale length with a standard strat neck. You can get gibson scale length strat necks though...

And strats are bolt on whereas sg's are set necks. Bear that in mind...
im not a luthier or nothing but u could try cutting a piece of wood to make up for the difference on the neck and glue it then sand ? just thought i throw my 2 cents in there
Alot depends on who made the body. A warmoth body is made to use strat necks. But an epi SG body will be hard to make compatable with a strat Im thinking. I know the bolt neck on 1 of my epi LPs is no where near the same as a strat. A thick shim between the body and neck heel might give it to much flex under string tension.