I made this song a while back and I performed it at my school's "Showcase" (aka talent night) with my friend playing the guitar 1 part and me doing guitar 2. It kinda sucked cause the guy we wanted to play drums couldnt learn it in time, and we had no bass cause my friend was doing the guitar part. I also wanted to see if I could rent a Loop Station or something for the overdubs but that didnt work out either. Just about everything went wrong, except for our playing. Got a bit out of sync around the solo but that was it.

Anyways, here'd the song

PS, Its not called 65 cause it's my 65th song, but cause of the intro and how it goes from 6/4 to 5/4
Love it man. The solo fits it perfect, went through really nicely.
Although, I found the repeted riffs by guitar 1 kinda annoying. More structure could have been put up into it like guitar 2, but hey. It's better than what I can do, keep it up!