I need some help on finding a wah right for me... I'm deciding between a Crybaby 535q and a ibanez weeping demon... I have a epiphone les paul standard and a Crate GTD65...... I play classic rock, new rock, some southern rock, and i write songs.... I want extra boost for my solos to make them sound awesome. I also want a wah that's versatile but good at everything and not just blah at something... Can anyone help me??

I would really appreciate it.
Ok i don't really play metal, but i'm also now looking at the Steve Vai Bad Horsie 2 and of course the 535Q..... I still don't know much about it either
i'd go for the 535q, i never really liked the ibanez although it's really a matter of opinion. you'd have to try them, but if you really want versatility go for the 535q
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