I want to get myself a slide to try some bluesy stuff but I'm not too sure what to be looking at.

I play electric and acoustic so preferably a slide that can do both. Whats the difference in getting a glass one with a steel one?

And as I am a bit of a cheap skate, can anyone suggest a way of making one myself?
You can make one out of a glass bottle neck, but you'll have to polish the edges..
And glass slides sounds different compared to steel ones.
Use the side of your phone, Sony Ericssons are great for it and other random objects make good slides, oh and metal slides give a more metallic sound I think (kinda makes sense really), I always found glass ones to sound a bit cleaner and are good for blues players to get that authentic "Blues Bottle" sound.

Oh and I just did some field research for you, Dr Pepper bottles don't make good slides.
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