Hello again.

I have yet another problem from my acoustic/electric guitar. =[
I broke my G-string, and I don't know why but every time I pluck a string I hear a buzzing noise. Does anyone know what the problem is? Please help me, and thank you.
ha hope your saying you tried to put in a new string right? if not, make sure you replace the string, and if you have, make sure that the string is in the correct place on the nut near the headstock. if it isnt in its slot, then it will surely buzz. also make sure the peg is all the way in on the bridge.

Uh, my g-string broke off, but my problem is that when I pluck any other string, there's buzzing.
So you're saying that you don't have a G string put back on yet, and when you play it now, there's a lot of buzzing going on? More than likely it's the tuning machine for the absent G string that's causing it. There's no tension on it to keep it snug, so it's loose and more or less rattling. Just a guess mind you, but it's happened before. A friend of mine has an older Goya acoustic. He had major buzzing happening but couldn't for the life of him find it. It wasn't the strings, but the knobs on the tuning machines causing it. There are little phillips head screws on some tuning machine knobs which are used to hold the knob on, but to also set the load on the pinion gear, making it easier or harder to turn. 4 of his knobs were loose causing the buzzing/rattling noise.