I'm looking for a warm, distorted, metal sort of sound (think kyuss or fu manchu etc) and after researching these bands i have been lead to believe that they actually use bass amps for the lead and rythm guitars.

I'm currently using a yamaha sg210 through a BOSS ME50 effects unit and a Little Big Muff pedal and well, never mind my amp, but i feel my guitar and effects units are spot on for what sound i want, what i need is a decent bass amp.

So all i need now is a good diverce bass amp which is cheap (between $400 - $600) and that can handle metal well and can be used with my electric guitar, any suggestions?
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uh.........you know there's a reason that they make guitar amps

ever hear of the fender bassman?
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ever hear of the fender bassman?

Damn, beaten to it.

The bassman was originally a bass amp but sounded so good as a guitar amp that it was used as one. The result? One of the most famous and best sounding guitar amps is really a bass amp. But bass into guitar amp =
Its my understanding that a lot of those types of bands use old Ampeg heads... really can't tell you anything about models though.
The Traynor YBA-1 is another great example of a bass amp turned guitar amp. The Sunn Model T was originally designed for both, but only really took off as a guitar amp. Ampeg used to be into both guitar and bass amps and has built many fine examples of both (look at the VL series designed by Lee Jackson if you need proof) over the years.
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