Not anywhere within the near future (at least not until around next summer), i was thinking about purchasing new pickups for my Peavey.

I was thinking about getting a P90 (humbucker size) in the bridge, and a couple of nice single coils for the middle and neck.

Would this be worth the $200+ I'd probably pay for all these pickups, and to get them installed, or is the wood quality, bridge quality and tuner quality too poor for it to be a decent sounding guitar?

P90 Humbucker (but for the Bridge instead of neck same price):
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what amp do you have? what kind of music do you play? whats your budget?
btw, Gibson pups are overpriced and overrated, the SD phat cat or the GFS mean/dream 90 would be a better deal
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Oh, sorry for being vague.

I play through a Fender Blues Junior, and for my primary guitar I'm currently using an Epiphone Les Paul Custom (figured I'd brag)

My budget is about $300, and I play indie rock with the likes of: Modest Mouse, The Weakerthans.

Just think of a shimmering clean tone, but when dirty it can make you want to punch down walls, but it's also articulate... yeah...
I used to have a Peavey Raptor EXP.. mine sucked horribly, if yours is the same as mine was, I would burn it as quickly as possible! or sell it on ebay. but thats just me.
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