yeah so im completely self taught on guitar. ive been playing for a year or more and id have to say im pretty impressive considering the self taught part. but this is where ive hit a snag. ive really been trying to work on soloing and teaching my self to read notation but does anyone at all know where i can find free lessions for this stuff online? i need to learn a lot, more sweeps, modes especially, and other things. BUT FOR NOW does anyone know where i can everything i need to know about modes and scales?(for free) id really appreciate the help
I'd recommend hitting up Google


Warning! Modes are not easy!!! I seriously suggest picking up a theory book from you local book store, they run about $20.
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haha well i figured modes werent easy. ive already tried google my friend. its next to pointless unless it explains how to use them in your music
Trust me, you don't need to learn modes, they're not the holy grail of musical knowledge like a lot of guitarists seem to make out. Far from it, they're an inflexible sysyem with limited application in modern music.

Learn all about the major scale and it's intervals, learn it thoroughly and spend a lot of time working with it and exploring it, then study the natural minor scale and their two pentatonic variants...it'll take you a while but it'll give you more than enough ammunition for constructing interesting, melodic solos. Read the Crusade articles by Josh Urban in the columns section too...very enlightening.
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afaik a mode of a scale is just the same notes played with a different root.

The mode # is dependent on the scale degree (step in the scale)

So C major = C D E F G A B (C)

2nd mode of c major = D E F G A B C (D) // key is now D

6th mode (parallel minor) = A B C D E F G (A) // key is now A
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I have never understood modes applications in music i barely understand them at all they make me feel st0pid.
Modes, give out their own sound(determined by the set of intervals you get when starting the major scale on a different note) thanks to the underlying harmony which will have the essential intervals in it.

If you learn the major scale properly and not only one shape, then you'll pretty much know the modes and it will all start clicking, but until then, modes are fairly confusing. It's because you haven't grasped the basics yet so you're having trouble moving on.