I've got an 82 gibson lespaul standard

both pickups are in need of changing big time and i'm looking to start using this in my setup rather than my schecter

i play stuff similar to tdwp, underoath, misery signals.

what would the best pickups to put in?
I dunno if it changing out out the pups would be the best course of action, cuz it'll kill the resale value of your les paul, especially if its from 26 years ago
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Changing pickups is a reversible modification, pending the owner keeps the pickups. If s/he was drilling holes into the guitar (i.e. a Bigsby tailpiece), that would be a different story, but installing pickups is no problem.
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dont buy EMGs, you will sound like every other hard rock/metal guitarist out there
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Duncans or Dimarzios are well liked by most.
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what amp do you have?
what tone are you after?
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what amp do you have?
what tone are you after?

Why do the pickups need changing?
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