Hey everyone. I'm in the market for a new guitar. I'm buying a Gibson ES-335 in the fall if I can't find a 333, and that will end up being my Standard tuning guitars, sitting beside my Gibson LP Studio.

I have a few other guitars I use for certain, specific sounds that wouldn't fit what I need for main guitars, so this is what I'm looking at;

A Fender '72 Telecaster Deluxe to accompany my Gibson Explorer with Burstbucker Pro's for everything in Drop D.
I just really like the look of it, and it's the only other guitar I can think of that I want right now.

My concerns are, well first was the price. Only $700? That makes me skeptical of the quality. I know Gibsons are overpriced, but I've just never really even looked at anything less than a grand. Stupid on my part? Maybe. Well its made in Mexico, and I don't actually know the difference between the American, Mexican, and Japanese models, but it seem the American are more sought after. And these aren't offered in an American model, so if someone could explain to me how it all works, and if this is going to be on par with my other guitars, it'd be greatly appreciated.
I've also heard some things about changing the saddle, pot, and something with the pickups to change some voltage(?) If anyone knows anything about that, I'd like to know that too!

I play through a Mesa Dual Rectifier (hopefully an Orange Rockverb50 soon ) and if anyone plays through those, how does it sound with the Widerange pickups?

That's probably my main concern. I've just heard they're pretty weak. If they are, I might put Gibson 498's in it.

As you can tell, I'm a Gibson guy. So I'm a little bit weary of this transition. I plan on taking a trip down to the guitar shop to try this out, I just broke my ankle and I'm still not mobile so I can't try it yet. Also, the shop probably won't let me turn up a Dual Rec (if they have one in stock) loud enough to REALLY see how it sounds.

So input, comments, suggestions, are all appreciated!

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