You so look like a stoner.

Wow, overkill on the reverb.

Seriously though, the song is pretty fun. Along the Ben Harper/Jack Johnson vein.
I like the do dos. That is the kind of thing that will make a song stick in people's heads.

I can imagine hanging around for this in a pub.

Crit mine?
you do look like a stoner anyway, i think you should slow it down maybe 10 bpm. very fun. reverb was overdone. good stuff. do a full recording. this is catchy.
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really good, i like the simple melody, it sounds bright but not bubble-gummy... i wouldn't say the reverb is overdone, just listening to the audio (- the video) sounds good like that, how long did it take u to write those lyrics?
thanks for the crit. I have to say: this song is very cool. your voice is very good as well as your lyrics. I like this melody. very good song....I'd like to hear this one with drums. would be cool hm?
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Good song, nice chord progression, I especially like the do-do do-do-do-do part. Like others have said a bit too much reverb on the vocals. The vocal melody is good as well.

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