so i have fixed up some of the lyrics and made a video


t may be warm out there
but its cold as hell in here
b/c all the fires that I had lit
were put out when you decided it was time to split

I drink till i cant see
but still the memories are playing in my head
I've tried to pause, stop and rewind
but still I cant get the thoughts of you out of my mind

And now its clear
that i need out of here
because it's the only way
I will ever be free of you

i go for a walk now
I try so hard to clear you from my mind
and no matter what i do
still every thought reminds me of you

I'll bring a new girl home
but when I close my eyes she has been replaced with you
and when i wake up in the morning
everything about her just seems so boring

I'll take some train
to a place unknown
and i dont even care where
as long as it takes me far away from here

Its time for me to leave
I hope that in this new place there will be air for me to breathe
And I take a deep breath
because I look at the horizion and I do not see you

And for once im free
All those rusted chains have gone and broke off me
And now I can fly
B/c Finally your tyranny will never reign over me

because this train
took me so far away from you
and at the end
is what ive been searching for

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