So, I have been playing guitar for a little while now, but its not opening any doors for me, I play anything and everything, but i play quite alot of tool, and then recently i got the urge to start playing bass, I just wanna know what bass (size mainly)and equipment i should get, i will have around 200 odd pounds for bass, and i have an amp and pedal at the present, but i think they are mainly for electric guitar, so will i need to get all new kit also? If i take this up seriously, should i sell my old guitar kit and invest in more bass kit, bass seems to appeal more to me than electric guitar, but its going to be weird starting with the basics again.

yes you will need a new amp, bass does work through a guitar amp but it will f**k it up and it will break. and what do you mean size of bass? if u mean like 3/4 scale etc. dont bother get a full scale one.
do you think, learning on a guitar/bass without fret markers makes it easier to feel what you are playing instead of just seeing it?
You mean an unmarked fretless?

They have a distinctive feel and tone, and being unlined is mostly for appearence. Having correct intonation (putting your fingers in the right place) will take ages to master. Saying that, your ear for pitch will drastically improve.
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