I was seeing this videoclip on MTV .. i think it was dance floor chart... and it stucked on my head now i need to find it =P

im a regular visitor in the site i take all the tabs to guitar pro from here ... but now its another deal =D

...the videoclip description is this :
it starts with some woman dancing behind a wall ...we can only see the girls legs.. the guys start playing and then the wall cracks (i think) and we see that there are no girls just the legs ... the legs start dancing around the band and stuff ... the legs are giant compared to the guys in the band that are playing in the middle of that place.. in the videoclip

the guy in the keyboard is fat i think =S
but what catches the attention on the clip is just the giant woman legs dancing around ... by the end of the clip MAN LEGS come to dance with them =P

well if u know the artist or the sogn name please answer here =)

you want to find the name of the song you were listening to, but only know about the video? haha :P

sorry it doesnt sound familiar, but whenever that happens for me (on the radio or tv or whatever) i just remember a few phrases or words from the song then look it up on google when i get home or on the computer. That might help for future reference
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not its not that =P ... i think it was on mtv dance floor charts =S

it sounds stupid preview but i got stuck with that xD never happened to me before ...