the file called "dahlia style riff" is just that, my attemp to do melodic death in the style of the black dahlia murder. i think the solo could be improved but i dont know what to do with it... opinions?

the other is a song i began with a minimalist idea... there really is only one riff throughut the whole song save the little interlude thingy, and i added drums as well. im interested to see if the kind folks of UG find it to be repetitive

both songs are in the same zipped folder. opinions, advise, your mom jokes, its all appriciated. many thanks

EDIT: added mp3s
dahlia style riff.zip
this is my song. i made it out of music. please help it grow big and strong by criticising it mercilessly
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Even tough I'm not into that ubber technical stuff like dahlia (I guess,I'm not a big fan so I haven't heard a lot)I kinda enjoyed the riff. I'm more into riffs like ones from Chuck Schuldiner,but this kinda has a cool groove on it. The song is simple yet catchy. Could use some more work but it's a nice WIP. Keep at it
If you can make these mp3 files and post them in your profile, it would be easier to access. I don't have powertabs.
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