I wanna replace the stock pups in my no-name SG. My main guitar (Fender Jaguar Special HH) handles the low-to-mid gain stuff pretty well, so I'm looking for some mid-to-high gain pups for the SG. The heaviest stuff i play is probably Muse or At the Drive-In, no metal. I play through a Vox AD120VT. Budget isnt an issue at this stage, but could you give some different choices in different price ranges please?
Any reccomendations?
go with emg's
and for those who say emg's are for metal
david gilmour has used them and he's like the anti-metal
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Pickups are usually measured in output, which can be used for direct comparison one way or another (as opposed to gain, which really can't). You'll probably want something a little bit hotter than a PAF clone.
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I dont really know anything about pickups atm, so I need like names of actual models to research, and what kinda tone I can expect from them.
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Ok, i looked at that site, and it may seem lazy, but I dont really wanna keep replacing a battery, so EMGs are out.
That Seymour Duncan SH-6, would that be a good choice, or will it be too hot?
I dunno, i've heard EMGs can last for months on one battery
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