Right so I'm starting to get a few pedals together now so thinking about buying a pedalboard to fix the things too. I dont want something too massive but i dont want something small enough to make the thing impossible to use. Also as it's my first i dont want to spend a small fortune on it. I would however like to put my amp footswitch on it (Marshall TSL122 - 5 button). The effects i have at the min are:

Digitech Whammy IV
Fender PT-10 Tuner
MXR Wylde OD
MXR Phase 90
Guyatone phaser
Dunlop Crybaby
Marshall TSL Footswitch.

I have a powerblock but that only runs 4 of teh 9v's out so would probably have to daisy chain them or something. Would also like space for maybe a couple more pedals, possibly another MXR and a chorus at some point.

So my question to you good people is any suggestions thinking especailly about price here!
build your own. it'll cost you like $30, and you get to design it however you like.


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I take it there'll be a fair few forums on here abotu how to make one. Would like to build one just to save the hassel and have a good case for it. Am not the best at building things like that.