I've found a deal on one of these used locally, but honestly I've never had any experience with one. Right now, I'm more or less going on the fact that it's a Mesa.

Does anyone have any experience with the (now discontinued) Nomad line? It seems like a fairly good amp; Three channel with two modes on each channel, all tube... plus, it's a Mesa.

I've read that it doesn't get very gainy, though. I don't play with a massive amount of gain on a regular basis, but every once and a while we all like to crank the knob and play some chugga-chugga chords, eh?

More or less, I'm asking for reviews on this amp from anyone here who's ever used one, not limited to the 4x10 combo version (Although, it'd be nice).
how much is it? i tried one and just got to use the clean channel (not footswitch and i didn't see a channel switching knob on the front), and even with the clean channel, it would go from really smooth cleans to pretty crunchy distortion (like 80s hard rock/metal). I'd imagine it could get pretty heavy with the other channels (especially since it was derived from the DC series).