Over time, I've been playing better and better, but some things that I've come to realize as some major flaws in my playing is that i make quite a bit of string noise... When I tap, there's constantly noise coming from a string adjacent to the one i'm tapping on, and when I'm doing licks that rise in pitch, I'm getting constant string noise from the strings I just came off of, or strings I accidentally hit with my large fingers... rarely, i also get string noise when I'm picking.... but very, very rarely. Any way to make my playing less sloppy?
I do mute the other strings with the meat of my palm (the edge really), but i still get that kind of noise when u accidentally hit the string, even if its palm muted, you still get that click :[
And what's the best way i can go about muting with my left hand? using my thumb to mute the lower strings, and what not?

Thanks for the other advice though!
sometimes that strange noise makes good music, listen to the solo in my song "phyc brick", the same sound you're talking about makes some cool music when i recorded the track i was like **** i ****ed up, listened to it.. it flows and makes your brain go WTF?
If you accidentally are hitting strings, thats your problem. Slow it down so you don't accidentally hit the strings.