You know sometimes when it says to play the Em chord you highest fret you use is the 2nd? does it show up somewhere else higher along the fretboard? With the help of some kind of octave rule? I am also confused when they say "I play that in the key of C major" WTF? What does that mean exactly is there some kind of chart or rule of thumb to figure out what chords are in the "key of C Major"? Thanks for the help
called google
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C d e f g a b (also playable in A minor scale)

C# d# f f# g# a# c (also playable in A# minor scale)

D - e - f# - g - a - b - c# (also playable in B minor scale)

D# - f - g - g# - a# - c - d (also playable in C minor scale)

E - f# - g# - a - b - c# - d# (also playable in C# minor scale)

F - g - a - a# - c - d - e (also playable in D minor scale)

G - a - b - c - d - e - f# (also playable in E minor scale)

A - b - c# - d - e - f# - g# (also playable in F# minor scale)

B - C# - d# - e - f# - g# - a# (also playable in G# minor scale)

The following bolded letters are your root key. Whenever your buddy says for example, "play in the key of C major". Then all you have to do is play the notes that are designated in the key of C major w/c is listed above. I also included an alternative way where u can play those major keys using its relative minor run. I guess your set of chords for your C major jam must have been around C - Am - F - G - Dm - Em - Bdim.

Try to explore the others.

Hope this will help and try to study theory as well.

Have a great weekend!!!
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