What is everyones oppinions on the BB Preamp pedal? Im thinking about picking one up tommorow if the store has one, if not ill have to order it. I want to use it to thicken up my tone a bit. Think Andy Timmons
Excellent pedal, definitely has the Timmon's feel to it, though you'll need alot more than a pedal to get his tone. Very warm and fat and smooth.
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This video proves that it's down to alot more than the pedal though. Very similar tones with a TubeWorks Tubedriver OD instead.


Yeah, fingers + amp > Pedal but i thought this might be able to warm up my B-52 a bit, since its kind of thin. Im also getting breeds for my RG so that will help too. im also learning to play like Andy Timmons so yeah ive also needed a solo boost for the longest time...