i got home and my amp is getting no distortion and one of the speakers isnt working plus the one that is it gets really really poppy.
its a crate fxt120
help would be much appreciated.
Take a good look at the speaker wiring. If nothing appears to be disconnected, find a tech.
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Sounds like amp shopping time. I'm sorry to say. You could get it checked out and see but there will be some tech time to diagnose the issue.
well the left speaker got disconnected somehow. im not sure how since it worked when i left.
ive been wanting to buy a new amp but i was gonna self the amp i have now to help get it when im close to having enough money...
oh and thanks for all the answers.
would guitar center or bailey brothers or someone like that do it?
all the papers say is ,limited warranty. but i dont think it is anyway since ive had it for almost 5 years. worst christmas present ever.
i know they are.
ive been saving up for a bugera 6262 but thatll be a while so im stuck without an amp for a long time. :[ i need a hug.....