so basicly i can make rythms like a mofuga thats not the problem
i try to solo and make some sweet sounding stuff but i never can

ive tried learning scales i got them down but theyr not helping
i know practice makes perfect i practice alot but i never seem to make any good progress on solos its like i dont know where to go to make it sound good and i cant do any fast stuff (solos dont have to be fast) but im stuck so i turn to UG for help I am self tuaght

also when i play with mi freind we have trouble mixing two guitars playing together

hope u get wat im saying sometimes i Ramble on
I cant improvise worth a **** either..
"My jedi powers are far more superior than yours"
soloing is about feel,....the best advice i ever got was to "get inside every note"...dont worry about speed...worry about soul so your music is alive..not just abunch of notes.

as far as meshing with the other guitarist try doing pitch matching on the same songs..the easier the better,...the hardest thing for me after almost never playing with another guitarist was getting the timing down....do some dual guitars like judas priest.

good luck