Anybody else here shop regularly at goodwill? They have some incredible items there at the lowest prices known to man. I mean, you cant go wrong with a portrait of black for only two bucks. Anyone else have any stories about goodwill or ridiculous items purchased there?
I've never been to a thrift store. I hear they're great though. I should pay a visit sometime.
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i got 6 iron maiden shirts for $3.00 there once
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Pawnshops, army navy stores, thrift shops. They all work.

(Pawnshops have some great guitars, I saw an original six string frying pan Rickenbacker with all the original parts for about 1000$
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I've gotten some bad ass coats there for really cheap. I also found a painting of a matador.
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Just today, I bought a PS-1 and a t-shirt at Value Village for about 8 dollars. I was pretty satisfied with my lunch hour.
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i got 6 iron maiden shirts for $3.00 there once

at my goodwills all you can get are like frigin hobo suits
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Flea Markets/GoodWill, all that **** is really good. If you ever make plans to go to Japan, make sure to go to GoodWill before you go and get some cheap vintage Levis, they have the modern stuff in Japan, but when I went, they were paying ****loads for vintage stuff, because they can't get it easily in Japan. And my mom's ex-boyfriends "job" was buying stuff at these kinds of places and selling them on E-bay for higher prices, hell when they released the Harry Potter Coca-Cola, we bought like 40 and sold them to people in the U.K. for like $50 a piece.
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You're made fun of if you buy stuff from goodwill around here

Not if you tell anyone where you got it from!
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i got a super nintendo there for like $5


I should go to GoodWill sometime. I have one down the road from me.
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i got 6 iron maiden shirts for $3.00 there once


I think the best thing i got at goodwill was an action figure of a caveman.
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