Hey guys,

Ive got a few question for you guys... The first being could anyone recommend me a subtle compressor? Ive looked around for the last month or so and have tried a couple, a boss and a danelectro, and they just arent as subtle as i would like them to be.

I have my eye on 2, the Soul Preacher by EH and the Keeley Compressor. I havent tried either at all but from sound samples and from checking the forums these seem good. What do you guys think?

Another one of my questions is why is it that i cant get my guitar to feedback on me until i put a compressor on? im not looking for the metal/pantera kinda feedback.

Also, i own a fender hot rod deluxe and i was wondering how much longer would my tubes last me if i had it cranked compared to having it played quietly. I understand that the tubes will probably last shorter if it was cranked but i was just kinda wondering how long.

Alright thanks guys
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The Nova Dynamics pedal from TC Electronic has a "Studio Compressor" mode that's significantly less obvious than most compressor pedals.

And the harder you push your tubes the sooner they will wear out, so cranking it will indeed shorten tube life, though not by as much as some people would like to think.
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i am a compressor freak..( i have 3..why someone needs 3 compressors??...i dont know)

i have a tube driven vox snake charmer that is almost invisible,...any of the rack mount compressors are transparent as well..(dbx..alesis etc.)...they are mostly used for sound reinforcement but work fine for what you say you want....and an added side note,...there dirt cheap!!!!...audio files hate the alesis unit...you can buy them all day off ebay for like $25. i have seen them gor for even less!!

the keeley is a modded version of the old mxr dyna comp...yes its sweet..yes its pricey!

i would try out an mxr...and every other compressor your local guitar store has until ya find one ya like...

good luck
Have a look at an Alesis 3630. Its in rack form, but its really subtle and does the job great. even has a noise gate as well.

As for the feedback, you could try adding some more gain, should make your guitar feedback a bit easier.

And as for tubes... Ive read that with cranking your amp, most guitarists have to replace every 2-4 years, and ive heard stories of people keeping tube amps low having the stock tubes all their amps life.
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I was going to recommend a rackmount unit, however the biggest issue associated with those is they're quite difficult to bypass when a guitarist needs to turn it on/off in the middle of a song. You could throw in a switchable loop pedal such as the Little Lehle, but then you're kind of killing the point of saving money with a rackmount compressor.
ESP LTD EC-256 and a Fender Deluxe VM
The BYOC compressor kit has a blend knob so you can get some compression and get some of the original signal to.