So, I've noticed a lot of 'unfair' bannings here on UG. It appears that UG bans people for the smallest things, often without warning, often for no reason. I have seen several bannings done when no rules were broken, and if you're banned, UG will not listen to reason. One user was banned, simply because he and his brother both had accounts, which they used on the same computer. When the user contacted UG trying to appeal to this unfair ban, they doubled his ban for "wasting the time of the UG moderators". Another post, titled 'AntiJew 2.0' (which I do find offensive), was closed soon after being posted. I understand how it could offend people sensitive about Judaism or the Holocaust, but the user who posted it wasn't trying to force it upon anyone. He was just sharing an idea about a movie idea he had (no matter how tasteless it was), although I do not believe he was banned. Another user tried to defend this post, explaining that the movie was meant to 'lighten the mood', and was soon banned permanently. The UG staff continues doing things like this, and it must stop. Chances are, I'll be banned, simply for speaking about the unjustness of the Moderators on this forum. Even if I am not banned, I am sure this post will be closed and/or deleted very soon. I just thought I'd help spread the cruelty of the UG moderators, and see what you all think. I am sure I will just be flamed, but I can deal with that.

UG staff, stop the tyranny