First off, I'm not new to this site, just these forums. With that said if this particular board is solely lyric writing, my apologies.

After bouncing around from band to band, I decided I just want to do something by myself with some keyboards, a little guitar and effects. I thought this would be a good idea because I leave for college shortly anyway.

Basically I was experimenting with some sounds and ideas and threw together two tracks under a minute in length. They are far from perfect and actually, I probably only spent 20 minutes on each. I decided I'd come here and ask for some tips or ideas on how to add to the quality (other than vocals, I'll do that once I have a central idea).

I'm open to all ideas and criticism. Also, like I said I threw them together rather quickly so if there's a few things off time or something to that extent (which I'm sure their are), my apologies.