im thinkin bout buyin a fender strat and i like to use heavy strings but i had a silvertone strat before and the hevy strings broke my tremelo bridge will the fender strat hold the heavy strings?

Heavy strings broke your bridge?... How? If it just lifted you just need more springs in the back, Fender strats will hold heavy strings, but I'm not sure how the nut will deal with it because heavy (like .13s probably won't fit in the nut, causing it to go out of tune when the tremelo is used) but I've used .11s fine And if you are going to be using really heavy strings for a long time get your truss rod adjusted to support them so you don't damage your neck.
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How heavy? EDIT: ^Yeah. Any extremely heavy strings wont do well, but it shouldn't matter that it's a Strat. 10's and 11's would be fine.
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it should hold them. you can always buy some more/ newer tremolo springs to beef it up. you just have to tighten the spring tension (either with more springs or by tightening the claw hook) for heavier springs. no matter what string guage you use, the springs stretch over time and screw with the bridge.

i am assuming that you mean that your bridge was pulled up higher when you say its broken.
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well i used .13-.56 and the tremelo bridge broke the part you put the strings through snapped in half from all the pressure between the strings and the springs but i only had 3 springs in the back does that have anything to do with the snap?