Just got a guitar today and am finding it difficult to reach some of the tabs/chords. Any suggestions for learning/playing with short fingers?
Well... since you just started, yeah you're gonna have problems.. it'll all come in time. just stick with it.
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Don't make up excuses. The reason you aren't good isn't because of the size of your fingers, its because your new and haven't had much practice. Stick with it and you'll see improvement soon.
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Hmmm. Wasn't really making excuses. I'm not expecting to be good off the bat, just wondered if there were any tricks (not short cuts), stretches, constructive insight or anything that I can work on in addition to practicing. Or, as Explicit said, maybe it will just come with time.
put all 4 fingers on frets 1-2-3-4 and walk up and down the neck one at a time. that will increase your finger controll...after that pick one at a time and walk up and down the neck(alt picking would suggest,but since you brand knew maybe not worry about that) these are good little excercises
We were ALL bad in the beginning. What matters is that you enjoy it. If you like to play, bad or not, you WILL get better. I agree, stick with it and stay positive. Find some good chromatic exercises (like in steve vai's ten hour workout) and watch your thumb positioning. I have a ten year old student who can reach from the fifth to the ninth fret without straining or changing positions because he knows to keep his thumb on the back of the neck, bent BACKWARDS.

Also, your palm should face the sky and your fingers should arc strongly with the fingers playing the first string being curled more and fingers on the sixth string curled a little less.

Finally, try keep as little space between your hand and the guitar neck.Something like this:

I hope this helps, because I about shot my computer after battling with this photo for fifteen minutes.


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That's a good picture Brettski. Shows the best position for your thumb.

Thanks. Thumb placement is such a difficult thing to explain, but so easy to see.
Thanks for the picture, Brettski. And thanks for winning the battle in posting it! The thumb placement really helped so far and has really allowed me to go through some of the exercises I've read around here.