So i have access to a couple of sewing machine pedals. Can they be modded with a wah circuit to make a wah pedal?
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a sewing machine pedal is a momentary on switch if I'm not mistaken...so no

Ah i thought it would use something similar to a wah/volume pedal.
I was actually having the same idea
Taking a Sewing pedal and using a wah component
i just didnt know if it would work
No most sewing machines do have a variable sweep. Its not just off and full speed. Couldnt begin to guess as what kind of pot is in the thing or how hard it would be to squeeze a wah board in one. The foot tredle itself might be a bit on the small side for a wah tho.
I actually have a sewing maching pedal (from a mid-'80s Singer). It's got some wierd-ass pot in there, and you prolly won't squeeze a wah board in there. If this thread hasn't died, I'll post pics. The pot is like a slide pot, but there's a piece of plastic that acts like the wiper. It's very odd.