Does plugging headphones into your amp take away any of the sound quality?

I need a new amp, but my current living arrangements prevent me from blasting it at 11, so I use headphones. I don't really notice a difference or anything, and I know you need high quality headphones to hear it the best, but in general, do headphones take any quality away?
Depends on the amp, but from what I can tell it often does not. If your amp has a single speaker some stereo fx like chorus might actually sound better through headphones.
not from my experience, i think it sounds better but i have wireless headphones so i get a fair amount of static too
depends on the amp and the headphones.

but that should be pretty easy to figure out, unplug your headphones and play something, plug them in and play it again. and you have your answer.
in my experience, it depends on the amp. the amps that use modeling technology like the roland cubes should sound exactly the same with headphones. but "real" combos should sound a lot different through the headphones as opposed to through the speaker.

EDIT: and yes, of course the quality of the headphones should matter as well
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My amp sounds better through headphones (MG).
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