Hey Pit.

I need some songs that express or talk about absolute hate and anger and rage.

Don't ask why.

Annihilator - Rage Absolute
Megadeth - Angry Again

I'm sure there are more, but that's all I got at the moment.
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Bad Monkey
Metal Muff
Fish N Chips
Ride the Wings of Pestilence - From First to Last.

It's about murder. Straight up murder. Talks about it in the song.
We are the diamonds that choose to stay coal;
A generation born to witness
The end of the world

FOB's "dance dance"

it makes me really angry..... o wait.... that express rage.....

um..... grindcore?
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maybe you should check out the goremetal/grindcore threads.

just a suggestion.

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Disturbed - "Conflict"
Hatebreed - "Straight to Your Face"
Trillville - "Man Up"
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Behemoth-conquer all, at the left hand ov god, and slaves shall serve
also anything by slipknot
anything by the human abstract makes me real pissed i dont know why.


Crossing the rubicon
Mea culpa
Vela, together we await the storm
30/30-150 by Stone Sour
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My friends started using "Rage" as a verb recently.
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the Reign Of Shemsu-Hor by Behemoth, after the 2 minute intro. ****ing furious.

Slit Your Guts by Cryptopsy
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Three Little Birds by Bob Marley

i fail.....

On topic, anything by Rage Against the Machine, it's just jammed full of righteous anger at the government, the best kind

Also 5 Minutes Alone by Pantera
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