I just ordered myself a brand new Blackheart 5watt tube amp, which should be loads better than my old amp. I think my next investment for guitar should be some new electronics for my MIM HSS Strat. I atleast want to change the pickups. Do they make HSS pickup sets? Or do I have to buy them separately? What other electronics should I change? I'm not sure what else is in the wiring of a guitar, besides the pots. I also heard about shielding the inside of your guitar so that it cuts out a ton of feedback and hum and I'm thinking about doing that, if it really does make a difference.

Would it be better to pay someone qualified to change everything? I'm rather good at learning new things, especially anything involving tools, fixing things, ect. I don't know how to, nor have I ever tried to solder, but I've seen it done a million times. I could definitly learn with a little practice. Should I try it myself, or leave it to the pros?

I also hate the tremelo bridge that's on my fender. I don't like how hard it is to tune. Even bending one string makes the others go out of tune. Right now I have it set up so that the springs pull it all the way down. I can still bend the strings down in pitch, just not up at all. I'm thinking of maybe replacing this with something like the tune-o-matic bridges i see on epiphones and gibsons. The other thing I am considering is getting a new tremelo bridge, but only if it will stay in tune better and it's not such a bitch to tune. But I don't even know if a more expensive tremelo would solve my problem.

Finally, I want to change the tuning keys on my guitar. What kind of tuners should I get, and how hard is it to change them yourself?