I have finally started a new band! Please check us out. If you like any sort of metal, I guarantee that you will like this. We only have one song up, and it's pretty poor quality, but please give it a listen. We recorded it with my Zoom H4 placed in the corner of the room. Reading the lyrics in the song file might be necessary to make out what I'm saying. Thanks for any critique you may have. (Please be nice).

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Pretty good stuf you got going there man. Can't hear some of it because of the quality. The first riff was ****in sick but \m/.
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As far as I could tell the vocals and the guitar were great but lack of recording quality and the loudness of the drums severely overpowered them. I could barely hear the guitar once the drums kicked in but the beginning lick was great. The drummer was good but I didn't like how often he used the symbols, I'm by no means qualified to critique drums though.

Get some better recording gear or turn up the volume on the vocals/ guitar and put some new stuff up. Great playing.
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