ive been pretty deeply inspired as of late writing alot but im kinda thinking it'd be possible to create some decent lyrics out of it and i'm looking for tips in doing this

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Not sure what advice you expect to get for that =\ Just write?

Lyrics are just poems set to music. So if you don't have music for it already, just write to a rhythm in your head. And if you do have music for it already, just write accordingly using whatever patterns in flow or rhyme or whatever to go along how you'd like it to go with the music.
pick out the phrases that stick to mind then sing them to different melodies that come to you - then sing that to chords.
I do this every once in a while too. What I do is wait a while after writing the poem, then go back, read it over and try to figure out the flow. Oftentimes, you will have to break up lines differently, drop words, or change around phrasing a bit here.

At this point, you can either establish the vocal melody, or figure out the guitar riff/chords that match the flow, depending on what you feel more comfortable with. By this point, you should have it pretty much down.
I've done this a couple of times, never to huge success. Unfortunately, the themes and brevity of poems can be awfully hard to transfer to lyrics. Instead, I'd reccomend changing the poem as little as possible in order to incorporate it with the music--lyrics don't have to rhyme, and if you can possibly break it up so it fits the cadence of the song, then that should be good enough.
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Try writing the music/chord progression/melody first and then see if you can fit chunks of your poem into it.

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Try writing the music/chord progression/melody first and then see if you can fit chunks of your poem into it.

Personally, I am horrible at doing this, but it really depends where your forte in music writing is. It is definitely worth a try if you need to figure out a method.
Most of what is mentioned is all I would've said.
I struggle with choruses a lot. So instead of forcing them, I just make an instrumental chorus and use completely different lyrics over them each time - generally I try to make the separate 'chorus-style' lyrics rhyming, just so there is some similarity between them.
This helps a lot if you're just (just? ) using poetry in your music. It can keep it natural and storylike. At least that's what I've found.
Kinda like Conor Oberst does, or the guy from The Mountain Goats (in some songs at least).
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look at jim morrison, most of the lyrics that they (the doors) used were from poems he wrote