i'm leaving my guitar in japan to go home for a month.
my room doesn't have any air-conditioning and it's the humid summer now.

1. should i leave my guitar on the stand or in the case?
2. should i loosen anything/part?
3. what else should i do to keep the guitar in good condition?
take da bitch wit you! nah, but seriously, no a/c and its gonna be humid.....the worse thing i could think that could happen is the tuning tightning up on you, unless you have a locking trem, which i stil think that could happen.

Yes, poop.
could you store it at a friends place?
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Let me put it this way.... When you would play the guitar in Japan, it is still subject to the humid weather. Sooo if you are having problems now then you would still have them when you leave.
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I would just leave the guitar in a case with the strings up to tension. I'm pretty sure that's how collectors do it...
well...i can close the windows and leave a few dehumidizing agents around and keep the guitar in the hard case, if that helps at all...
dude.. you live in that right? and you always have your guitar? it wont be any different than usual for your guitar..
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I would put it in the case, so it doesn't get knocked over by any people or pets.
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yeah just keep it in the case, hardcase preferably, and stick a few silica packs and dehumidifiers in them. like a thirsty hippo kinda thing.
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I always put my guitars in their cases when I got on holiday, just so I can make sure that they don't fall over or get damaged by any pets in the time I'm gone, so it seems like the thing to do if you're locking it in your place, then it should be fine.
thanks people. i'll check in the store what i can put inside the guitar case to keep everything cool.
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Put it in its' case with a couple of packets of silica gel.

I'm moving to South Korea in September for a year and the humidity is the very reason why I'm not taking my guitar with me, but am buying one out there. I can imagine it doing nasty things to my fragile acoustic haha.
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