And it was fun, but the music sucked. That's why I usually don't like going... The only rock songs they played were the ones I requested, and the rest was R&B/Rap. I don't mind it, but it does get annoying after a few songs. I requested Black Dog and Crossroads, the chick taking the requests acted like she had never heard them before, so it kind of sucked. Fell on my arse twice and almost ran into a wall...

And then there were the dudes who have to show off, that gets on my nerves, too, mostly because I usually get ran into. So Pit, what annoys you about the skating rink or any other place like that?
We don't have a skating rink nearby, so I wouldn't know. One year the city set up a temporary ice skating rink in a park in the middle of the town, it was pretty cool. Went there with my (now ex) girlfriend that was fun. Other than that I have zero skating experience.