Hey man cool song. You have a nice singing voice. Just watch your pitch in a couple of places. Overall, pretty well in tune. Don't be afraid to sing out more in the "chorus" I guess we would call it, with the harmonized oohs in the background. Cool guitar work. Very nice and mellow.

If you care, we'd love to here your opinion on our song. It's right on our profile, titled The Struggles of man. Make sure to click on the STUDIO DEMO version.

Keep up the good work
Thanks man, I'm actually the drummer and I didn't do anything in this song except record it, but I'll pass the info on to our singer. I'll listen to your song now and crit it and edit this post.

I like the song, I'm wondering...is that a computer synthisized drum track or is real drums? I thought the drums could be a bit louder in the mix. I really liked the guitar tone, especially the lead. When it broke into that really heavy part, that sounded awesome. Nice song.
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Yep, the drums are synthed. We were gonna record the drums live but our rig sucks for recording, so we chose to EZDRUM it instead.

Thanks for the listen.
Pretty cool song.

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The opening progression is very nice. It got me hooked into the song.

Whoever is doing vocals sounds like they're maybe trying to emulate Kurt Cobain a little, which makes it sound less appealing (mainly because I like to hear original voices). The high-pitched oohs are nice, though.

I think instrumentally there is enough there to get away from the Nirvana comparisons, so just keep working. I see potential.

Check out mine?
Yeah it's weird, he doesn't even try to sound like Kurt Cobain, he actually tries to purposely make his voice sound different by singing a bit more calm in some songs. Idk, it's still a compliment to be compared to one of my favorite bands I can crit your song later but I actually have to go to band practice now. Thanks for the crit, anyone else?
I like it...simple but good. His voice reminds me of the guy from Alice in Chains. I felt like more could have been done with the guitar, but since it was acoustic I guess its cool.

I also listened to hippocrite, it was tight. Reminded me of some early 90s grunge... I'll have to keep up with ya'lls stuff, I like it.

Mind listening to some of my solo stuff sometime?

EDIT: oh yeah, I just sent a friend request.
I really like it, I cant say much that hasnt been said. The 2nd guitar that comes in towards the end is slightly out of time at the start but thats it.

Really nice track, had a few listens to it already. Id pay to hear that.

http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/Preid/ if you dont mind.

EDIT: Is the drummer aware of what hes wearing in the songs pic?
Haha yes I'm the drummer, I also play guitar so I have a marshall shirt if that's what you mean. I'm glad you guys like it. I critted everyone back. We're gonna have some more heavy songs coming up soon called "Brainwash" and "Hypochondriac" so keep checking in if you like our stuff. Anyone else have an opinon?