so you know how there was a lot of stuff about a UG album, comprised of different members songs? well, I had an idea. What if we did the same thing, while paying tribute to a band. I always had an idea to make a Metallica Tribute album called 'Overload: A Tribute to Metallica'.

So I wonder, would anyone be interested in doing this? I don't really know how we'd promote it. Plus, I'd much rather be the guy that just throws out the idea and lets someone else handle it, but i think it would be neat.

What say you Pit Monkies?
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eh well Metallica already has plenty of tribute but its not a terrible idea
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I for one think that would be a cool thing to do. However, i am more of an idea guy myself, not one to do anything about it
it wouldn't even have to be Metallica. it could be any artist really. just as long as it sticks to a theme.
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I saw Pantera live once, Dime changed into a body bag right there on stage.

Problems with this:

1. Metallica would sue
2. Half the pit hates metallica and would fight it.
3. The other half is too busy being pretentious listening to Ride The Lightning while jacking off. Of course, listening to Load would've been funnier to write, but nobody ****ing listens to Load.

Edit: Or ReLoad.
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im in the number three haha
how about just do a concept album.
Judas Priest just released one themed Nostradamus,its about him and his prophecies and things like that.
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Problems with this:

1. Metallica would sue


I don't doubt they would

But I like the idea of original works better

A tribute album is kinda boring
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