yea, i know i'm scraping the bottom of the barrel with this, but i have a friend who is learning guitar, and i want to surprise him with a guitar of his own, because he is using of mine. i want him to have his own.

i was gonna buy him a Schecter Omen 6 i found for cheap, but i wanted some opinions.

help me out please.

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as long as ur freind plays hardrock/metal...
an omen is a great starting guitar if u cant get that id suggest a dean vendetta

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

if you mean rig as in guitar amp accesories... then theres no such thing as a good one for under 200
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with emgs

EMG, I think.

It only has one pickup.

But on topic, it'll be hard to get him a good rig for under $200. How much are you getting the schecter for?

And you could also try acoustic if you really wanted.
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Depends on the music they'll be playing but you can't really go wrong with a HSS config on a first guitar so something like a Yamaha Pacifica or a Squier Affinity series.