I have an RG321, and I love it to death.

I play mostly shred stuff and cleans on it, but when I get the action on the upper frets good to play fast on, it makes the low frets insanely buzzy. And when I rid the buzz off the lower frets, it makes it harder to play stuff on the higher frets due to the strings being so high.

I'm perfectly capable of doing truss rod/action adjustments, but whatever I do it doesn't seem to help.

Help meh UG D:
i took my RG321MH to a tech more than 5 times and the buzz is still there. live with it or take it to a luthier to see what he can do about it.
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Honestly I'd like to know this too. I can't seem to get the buzz to go away on my schecter without turning the TOM bridge way up (I think it's at like two full turns now, I had it at 1 1/2 but it still buzzed a bit!).

But I have noticed with the more and more nicer guitars I've played, it seems like that's something that is pretty easily solved. EX, I played a Gibson LP standard the other day, and the action was insanely low, yet I couldn't find fret buzz. I ended up TRYING to find fret buzz, but couldn't.

I suppose when you pay for a really nice guitar, the problems come solved .
How's the relief on your neck TS?
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I'd say that the tall frets make it hard to get extremely low action. For example, Gibson "fretless wonders" could have extremely low action because the frets were very low.
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I'd say that the tall frets make it hard to get extremely low action. For example, Gibson "fretless wonders" could have extremely low action because the frets were very low.

action is measured between the bottom of the string and the top of the fret.
the height of the frets have nothing to do with action, unless there are uneven frets.
Check the neck relief? Check the action at the nut? Are the frets are uneven? Send it in to a professional? Live with it as low as it can get without buzzing?

How low is low? At what height measurement do you start to buzz? Are you a heavy handed picker?
I think it happens on most guitars unless you've spent a huge amount of money and we just rely on distortion to hide it a lot of the time but a good luthier should be able to sort it out with some fret work. My son uses an Aria STG004, which is OK for what it is but at under £150 it clearly has limitations. The deal when we bought it was a full setup including fret dressing and after that the action was surprisingly low for a buget guitar and felt more like a guitar in the £300 range at least. Don't just give it to a guitar tech to do, it has to be a good luthier to get it done right.
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ive just got an epi SG 400
and its got slight buzz on the upper frets
only on the E string
on the first 5 frets
but ive noticed it doesnt come through the amp
so ive just left it
if i ever use it for gigging it wont be noticeable so idc