My cousin recently bought a squire sunburst strat, it seemed pretty normal but on the headstock it says "Bullet-Strat" and i was wondering what it meant, not only that but the neck seems quite thicker than the average strat, the pick guard id sharp rather than rounded, and there are some minor differences that dont really matter, so just wondering what a bullet strat was?
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same guitar, different colour

i don't get your point
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same guitar, different colour

i don't get your point

A Squier Strat and an American made Fender Strat are both the same guitar, but are they neccesarily equal quality? Nooooooooo
He's probably saying the orange one is much better
the orange one is and older version that came with one humbucker , a hardtail bridge,and is discontinued. now they sell the second one as the "bullet strat", its SSS and has a ****ty trem bridge.
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orange one has a humbucker.... the sunburst has 3 singles...

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