I've played guitar for around 6 months now and im thinking i need to restring it soon, well actually over time; anyway i dont really know which strings to buy
i have a epiphone LP, so which strings should i get?
i dont want anything different like some thick or thinner than usual ones, just the original
what gauge string are you using now???
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Buy a pair or either 9's or 10's those are probably what you have, no harm in going with 10's either, you'll get a little better tone.
ask a store clerk for 10's (IMO they are easier for beginners because they bend less)

and as for brand Daddario are my fav

but GHS,DR, dean are good as well
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.9s are uber thin, you'll probably find .10's very comfortable, just go to a music store and look at the strings, don't buy the cheapest strings on the shelf, but don't buy the most expensive, also look for coated or not, coated strings will last longer, but they aren't for everyone they are more expensive and will last longer (Tone wise and feel wise, EG they wont rust until 2 or 3 times the lifespan of normal uncoated strings). (Elixers for example) but many people don't like the slipperyness or the tone they have, but others do. All I'm saying is that some point in time try coated strings and try non coated strings and decide for yourself what you like!
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10's are useually the standard size, so they're almost certainlly what came on your guitar brand new, so you should get some of those. As you progress, use a different size and brand string untill you find your favorite.

Good luck friend! hope you have many fruitful years playing.
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les pauls, epiphone or otherwise should come strung with 10's from the factory.
i personally really like dr strings. i've tried everything they had at either of the places i worked, and dr worked the best for me.
as for coated vs. uncoated, you get about a month's life out of uncoated strings, assuming you play everyday and you don't have overly acidic hands.
you should get about 3 months out of coated strings.
buy some 10s and 9s. see which you like best. as for brands, buy a variety of them. i recommend GHS, Daddario, Rotosound, Ernie Ball.
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since the topic about strings is allready open, what string usually come standard on the cheaper yamahas like for instance my EG 112c and what guage should I go for to get a deeper bit darker sound.
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9 to 42 are pretty much standard on most guitars sold. i have used ernie ball slinky's for a long time and never been let down. good luck
^they're standard on fender, ibanez, jackson, anything with a bolt on neck.
les pauls are strung with 10's at the factory.
Honestly, most people stay away from 9s because of the thinness, they feel they have less control, but having 9s builds your accuracy more, you build up your strength on the fretboard especially with slides, and hammer ons/pull offs.

PS. They give you the best calluses.
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