Ok for several months now ive been singing out some Rock or Metal type lyrics and the music just comes into mind. But everytime i try to recreate it i cant. Sometimes i play the write chord or tab and start but in the end its crap. Can someone please help me figure out a Technique that can help me.

Heres the first couple of lines of a song that i can come up with At this very moment.

Nothing comes from me. Shallow depth arise from thee.
Cant understand whats brought to me. Trying to figure out.
Whats wrong with me.
Shut from what i cant believe.
Its nothing more from what i can not see.

Ya if you just read it it sounds like crap but the way im singing it comes higher and lower and it mixes. If ya can come up with something for like that and a Technique that can fit please Tell ME. And also give me the Tab/Chord you came up with for this little piece so i can try it out personaly.
Try to hold a little structure. The structure in writing can be slightly restricting, but if its too restricting you probably suck. So try to have lines with almost the same amount of syllables give or take 2 or 3. Then try to have a rhyme scheme. The beauty in that is now you will be expressing your heart and manipulating or playing with your language all at the same time!

Oh and I think the main weird thing with that verse you put up is the repetition. If you have an idea, but you are in a place where you cant do anything. Just call yourself with your phone and sing it into your voicemail. I learned that trick from Bela Fleck!
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the only thing that puts me off with that writing is the repetition of 'me'. however, those are great lyrics and you can work them into a lot of melodies, having come up with numerous ones myself. always take into consideration that the melody does not have to be the same through the whole verse. Eg. the second time i sung it, i sung it in a slow rhythm but on the last line sped the whole thing up as a lead into the chorus/bridge or whatever.
hope this helps!
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Ya thanks it kinda helps sides i got a neighbor that moved in and he is in a band and is helping meh.
Btw when you read my lyrics it doesnt sound good but actualy when i sing it it comes out really good.
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