I'm going to get a new acoustic soon, to upgrade from my $80 Rouge, looking at either a Takamine G340SC, Yamaha FG730S or a Seagull S6. Haven't decided yet, going to go try them out soon, annnywaayy.....

Question is, how long do you think it'll be before I need to upgrade again? Would it be better if I saved up a couple extra hundred bucks and get something of better quality? Or will this guitar serve me well for a while? If not, which guitar would you recommend, and would it really be that much better?

I'm on a pretty tight budget and I'm already breaking my bank for the ones for under $400.

~ Thanks
As long as you take care of it, any of those guitars will last forever. But at some point, I guarentee you will start itching to buy a new one. It happens to everyone.

But all three of those are great guitars. Go play them and decide what you actually like.
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^^ I agree. All three of those are very decent guitars that will be fun and easy to play.

There's nothing wrong with simply buying the best that you can afford right now - it doesn't make sense to go completely broke just to get a slightly better guitar.

Speaking for myself, I got a Tak G340SC and I'm happy as a clam. Sure, I could have sunk another $700 dollars into it, but I have other priorities in my life. I spent just enough money to get a good solid guitar that won't let me down, and so far I have no regrets about not spending more.